At the their latest meeting, members of the Coventry School Building Committee met with Torrado Architects Owner Luis Torrado and Vice President Brian O’Connell to discuss the progress that has been made on the planning and engineering of five school improvement projects that the company was contracted for in March.

“We’re doing very well and staying with our schedule,” said Torrado.

During the meeting, O’Connell presented to the Committee design development and schematic designs for each of the schools where work will be performed. Among them was an asbestos abatement plan correlating with state health department requirements which illustrated asbestos-ridden areas of the schools, including various roof and floor tile locations at Western Coventry, floor tiles and area surrounding the air-conditioning chiller at Coventry High School, as well as outdated tiles and boiler room fittings at Hopkins Hill, among several other locations.

Improvements to parking lots and HVAC/air quality systems were also shown in the plans and supplemented with current photographs of the layout and mechanics of each workspace to illustrate the scope of labor that is required.

“You can seen the exhaustive effort we’ve gone through to document and understand the existing conditions so we can some up with the best solutions,” said O’Connell.

01/06/2014 6:12pm

Henan Morgan WNS Oil & Gas Fired Boiler

Technical Description:
WNS automatic oil(gas)-fired steam boiler is the horizontal, three returns, fire-tube boiler, mainly consisted of shell, undee furnace, diversion smoke chamber, fire tubes ,etc. The fuel can be light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, city coal gas and so on.

Boiler Features:
1. Adopt the structure of wet-back and undee furnace, effectively reduce the boiler’s thermal stress and improve the safety and service life.
2. Heating surfaces are symmetrical layout and the forces and inflation is more reasonable;
3.Reasonable decoration of heating surfaces guarantee a good heating water circulation and heat transfer. The heat transfer effect can achieve the best condition, thus improve the boiler thermal efficiency .
Henan Morgan WNS Oil & Gas Fired Boiler

01/07/2014 5:03pm

Henan Morgan Horizontal fuel oil (gas) boiler
Product code: 100007
Product name: horizontal fuel oil (gas) boiler
Product categories: boiler
Product description:
Being series fuel (gas) steam boiler in strict accordance with the ministry of labor issued by the “steam boiler safety technology supervision regulation and relevant standards for the design, manufacture and inspection, ensure the safety of the product.
Boiler body adopts three return all wet back structure, high efficiency heat transfer element, maximum heat transfer surface design, so that the boiler output, high thermal efficiency, long service life.
Low combustion chamber design, in order to keep a larger water level security space, minimize the harm of water shortage accident, and improved the quality of steam.
Using activity type smoke box, convenient maintenance and cleaning boilers.
The world famous brand burner, can automatically control the size of the fire, according to the load change and a flame detection and automatic scavenging function.
Use famous microcomputer automatic control of boiler, which can realize automatic combustion control, steam pressure and water level automatic control automatic control.
The appearance of beautiful design, give a person with beautiful enjoyment.
U give a set of tools stoker random and stoker labor two sets of clothing

parameter unit WNS0.5-1.0 WNS1-1.0 WNS2-1.0 WNS1-1.25 WNS6-1.25 WNS8-1.25
The rated capacity t/h 0.5 1 2 1 6 8
The rated working pressure Mpa 1 1 1 1.25 1.25 1.25
The rated steam temperature ℃ 184 184 184 195 195 195
Feed temperature ℃ 20 20 20 20 20 20
The fuel consumption of fuel Kg/h 40 75 140 250 380 525
Natural gas NM3/h 55 80 150 290 410 590
The thermal efficiency % 85 85 85 85 85 85
After installation specifications mm 3160 * 1800 * 1800 3500 * 2100 * 2100 4400 * 2200 * 2200 3500 * 2100 * 2100 6100 * 2300 * 2300 7000 * 2400 * 2400
Henan Morgan Horizontal fuel oil (gas) boiler

01/07/2014 5:47pm

Henan MorganWood Preservation Autoclave

International standard design of wood autoclave :
1 Working pressure: -0.08MPa–3.6MPa
2 Working temperature: normal temperature
3 Vocuum degree(relative): 0.098MPa
4 Capacity ( one time ): 2 / pot–20 /pot

Product feature of wood autoclave :
1.Wood preventer control system –one kind of brand-new lumber preventer’s intelligent control system. Operation —simple, safe, reliable.
The absorption medicament quantity for each cubic meter lumber can be measured accurately, and can examine the lumber medicament absorbing capacity to the standard without leaving the pot.
2.Preservation equipment with advanced Rubber sealing ring ,easy to install ,perfect sealing efficiency
3. Automatic open door, two kinds of door ,one is side-opening ,the other is up-opening .
Henan MorganWood Preservation Autoclave

01/09/2014 12:43am

Henan Morgan Corner Tube Chain Grate Boiler

1) New DZL fire tube-water tube shell type boiler
2) Reasonable heat surface and burning device, heat efficiency is 4~5% higher than national standard
3) Reasonable flue speed design, heating surface without scattered ash and no abration
4) The boilers can work full load, high efficiently and safely in long term
5) The big and tall boiler furnace can be easily designed according to the different fuel to improve the burning rate of fuel and reduce black smoke
6) Adopt single return design and injected circulation design for the hot water boilers, the medium speed in return of heat surface is higher than national standard
7) Adopt big and high strength grate (below 20T), adopt squama type or beam type of traveling grate (above 20T), which improve the boilers’ safety and lessen the leaked coal and adjust burning conveniently
8) Scoot idiomatically separated at the exit of boiler furnace which can reduce dust content and lessen abrasion of back heat surface
9) Compact structure, 3~5meters lower than other style boilers’ installation height, which shortens the installation period and reduces the cost of boiler house
10) Closed scoot cleaning avoid the second pollution and save time and labor
11) Big volume benefits power-off protection, high ability suitable for load waving
Henan Morgan Corner Tube Chain Grate Boiler


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