At the their latest meeting, members of the Coventry School Building Committee met with Torrado Architects Owner Luis Torrado and Vice President Brian O’Connell to discuss the progress that has been made on the planning and engineering of five school improvement projects that the company was contracted for in March.

“We’re doing very well and staying with our schedule,” said Torrado.

During the meeting, O’Connell presented to the Committee design development and schematic designs for each of the schools where work will be performed. Among them was an asbestos abatement plan correlating with state health department requirements which illustrated asbestos-ridden areas of the schools, including various roof and floor tile locations at Western Coventry, floor tiles and area surrounding the air-conditioning chiller at Coventry High School, as well as outdated tiles and boiler room fittings at Hopkins Hill, among several other locations.

Improvements to parking lots and HVAC/air quality systems were also shown in the plans and supplemented with current photographs of the layout and mechanics of each workspace to illustrate the scope of labor that is required.

“You can seen the exhaustive effort we’ve gone through to document and understand the existing conditions so we can some up with the best solutions,” said O’Connell.
There’s word of a new tax-related scam and officials want to make sure you don’t get duped.

If you get a call claiming to be from the IRS saying you owe more tax money which you need to send immediately or face arrest — don’t fall for it. IRS spokesman David Stewart says ask the caller his name and badge number and hang up.

“Then you what you do is call your local office and you say ‘hey got this person Sam Smith badge number 12-2 and he wants to know information about X. Is there something wrong with my return?’”

He says if there is a problem and the person calling you is legitimate, the local office will know and be able to help, and remember the IRS will never ask you for personal information or bank information over the phone or in an e-mail. Any information they might need would already be on your tax return,-World-Bank-meet
Calls continued from multiple fronts for countries to ease harsh austerity programs to boost growth and, at the same time, for the world’s central bankers to be more cautious about feeding more money into the financial system, lest it spark new investment bubbles and an inflation outbreak.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde expressed fresh concern over the “three-speed recovery” in the world’s largest economies — stagnating Europe and Japan, the sluggish United States, and quicker-moving emerging economies.

That the three groups of countries are moving at distinctly different speeds “is not the healthiest recovery that we could think of,” she said.

“What we need is a full-speed global economy.”

The IMF meetings opened amid stress and frustration that, as the large economies still have not fully returned to growth after the 2008 financial crisis, small economies remained vulnerable to the continued turbulence.

Finger-pointing about excessive austerity and lack of support for demand, unmanageable capital flows stoked by central banks pumping out money, competitive devaluations, excessive sovereign debt and papered-over banking weaknesses were all in the open ahead of the meetings.

NY DELHI/BANGALORE : Den Store Fire revisjonen og rådgivende firmaer ansetter rettslige eksperterer ved det økningsantallenes mens korporative forbrytelser vokser i en lacklustre økonomi. Firmaer som Ernst & Ung (E&Y), KPMG, Pricewaterhousecoopers (Pwc) og Deloitte ser større etterspørsel etter slik fagmenn som selskaptavler og direktører kommer under økning grundig undersøkelse, og svindler vokser i e-handelen og den on-line bankvirksomhet markedsfører.

«Mye skjelett kommer ut i løpet av stressende økonomiske forhold som krever undersøkelse», sier Arpinder Singh, partner og nasjonal direktør av svindelundersøkelse og debatttjenester på E&Y India. Fagmenn som arbeider i E&YS rettslig deling har steget til over 350 fra 30 akkurat to-og-en-halvdel siden år. Selskapet ser på å ansette 50 mer fagmenn dette år.

Ulik en rettslig vitenskapsmann som typisk samler og analyserer fysisk bevis fra forbrytelsesscener, ser rettslige bokføringseksperterer på tilfeller med økonomiske ettervirkninger, som seg strekker fra bestikkelse og korrupsjon, forhandler og framskaffingsundersøkelser, cyber forbrytelser, datatyveri, industrispionasje og forebyggende svindelvurderinger å plystre blåserpolitikker i selskaper

VeifyllingsMidtpunkt som Bygger
90,000 SF Skråstilling-Fordelbetong bygge industripark, Tampa, FL

Pacemaker Marin Ingeniørarbeid 
40.500 SF produsere anlegg, Wauchula, FL

Windhorst Midtpunkt Lagerhus Bygger 
35.000 SF Skråstilling-Fordelbetong bygger, Tampa, FL

67.652 SF tillegg til å finnes å produsering som bygger & 3.000 SF kontor bygge tillegg, Tampa, FL

Berømt Tate Sentrerer 
41.900 SF kontorpark, Brandon, FL

Golf Marin Reparasjon 
Fire pre-konstruert metallå produsering bygger for skipreparasjon og konstruksjon, Tampa, FL

Newcastle Skipsverft 
27.000 SF pre-konstruert metall bygge tillegg for luksusyachtkonstruksjon, Palatka, FL

Europeisk Granitt & Stein Fordelere 
23.000 SF pre-konstruert metall bygge gulvbeleggvisningslokale og lagerhus, Pinellas Park, FL

SypressPark V 
83.983 SF Skråstilling-Fordel konkret kontor/lagerhus Spekulasjon. bygge, Orlando, FL

Prissett Kjøttøks 
33.000 SF Skråstilling-Fordel konkret kontor/lagerhus bygge, Orlando, FL

Berømt Tate Innretning & Bedding Midtpunkt (Sør Tampa) bygge 
21.984 SF detalj/visningslokalerenovering, Tampa,FL

Naturlig Fersk Nedkjølt Lagerhus Anlegg 
30.800 SF Metaller Bygge, Sanford, FL.

Lagetr på bestillingsKomponentselskap 
18.000 SF pre-konstruert metall som bygger lagerhustillegg & finnes kontorrenovering, Oldsmar, FL

Florida Sikkerhetsleverandører 
12.000 SF Skråstilling-Fordel konkret kontor/lagerhus bygge, Thonotosassa, FL

H T. Hackney Nedkjølte Lagerhus Anlegg 
21.440 SF pre-konstruert metall som bygger nedkjølt lagerhus bygge, Milton, FL

Vi har mange andre prosjekter for tiden i gang. Hvis det er en spesifikk konstruksjonstype som du dem ville like forhøre om vær så snill å setter seg i forbindelse med oss.

The two men stuck resolutely to diplomatic niceties in front of the watching media ahead of what was, for both, their first major international meeting since taking their respective offices.

A U.S. official said in an e-mailed statement that the meeting itself was a 45-minute strategic level discussion of the major issues on the bilateral agenda including currencies, Europe and the global economy, intellectual property, cyber-security and North Korea, in which Lew was “candid and direct.”

China’s official Xinhua news agency in a commentary – which are not policy statements but typically reflect government thinking – said Lew should use his visit to convince Beijing that Washington would solve its debt problems, stabilize the value of the dollar and honor trade treaty commitments.

“The stakes are high,” the commentary said, striking a more hawkish tone than Xi.

“I can say we have a seamless connection,” China’s new president said, speaking in front of a tapestry depicting a pine tree and flying cranes, both symbols of hospitality.

“In the China-U.S. relationship we have enormous shared interests, but of course unavoidably we have some differences.”

Lew said both countries had a responsibility to promote global growth, and called on China to boost domestic demand to help in global rebalancing.

“The (U.S.) president is firmly committed to building a relationship of growing strength where we cooperate on issues of economic and strategic importance, understanding that we will each have to meet our own responsibilities, but we’ll also have to manage our differences,” he said.

Both Xi and Lew agreed on the important role of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue – due to take place in the United States this year after being held in China in 2012 – in cooperation and making progress on differences, according to the U.S. official’s e-mailed note.


Trade is clearly an area of both cooperation and rivalry for the world’s two biggest economies, as China’s Commerce Ministry reinforced at a separate event, saying it would accelerate trade talks with key trading partners as U.S. efforts to seal its own trans-Pacific free trade deal gather pace.

China will hold three rounds of trade negotiations with Japan and South Korea this year and step up talks with other trading partners, the Ministry of Commerce said.

The talks are seen by analysts as a two-pronged initiative by Beijing to engage with Japan after recent diplomatic tension over disputed islands in the East China Sea, while also countering the “pivot” by the U.S. to reaffirm its role in Asia in the face of China’s economic rise.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said last week that Tokyo would seek to join the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks that currently bring together the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Bringing the world’s third-largest economy into the negotiations would set the stage for a final agreement covering nearly 40 percent of world’s economic output, but could also isolate China in the process.

“We will improve communications and talks with the related parties and push forward the progress of our own free trade areas,” Chinese Commerce Ministry spokesman, Shen Danyang, told reporters when asked about Japan’s plan to join TPP talks.

In early January, amid the bleak winter landscape in the suburbs of Boston, Aviva Aiden shows up at a hospital for an interview.

She has a stethoscope around her neck, both hands in the pockets of her white doctor's smock, and a smile on her face. This American woman is enrolled in the doctorate program at Harvard Medical School, and is hoping to become a clinician.

Around two years ago, Aiden was featured in the mass media for a reason totally unrelated to her aspirations in medicine.

She had set up a project aimed at generating electricity from microbes living in the soil, and charging a cellphone with it. This was highly praised as a revolutionary idea, and received $100,000 (9.2 million yen) in funding from a foundation run by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda.

To date, 15 people have been involved in the project's development, including engineering students from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Five hundred batteries were taken to Uganda in East Africa, and are being used by people in rural villages with poor electrical infrastructure as part of operational tests.

“There aren't always proper roads,” says Aiden. “We stuck cheap chemicals or materials on the back of a donkey or a horse.”


“A spoonful of soil contains billions of microbes, and they emit electrons when breaking down organic material,” explains Peter Girguis, an associate professor at Harvard University who has provided guidance to Aiden. “Those electrons can be attracted by electrodes to produce electricity.”

This mechanism has been known for more than a century, but the electricity produced by bacteria is so faint that there have been no practical applications for it. The technology has been lacking to attract electrons efficiently.

However, technological progress has opened new ways forward. According to Girguis, one of these is LEDs.

“A small LED light uses less than a 1,000th of the electricity needed to power a standard incandescent light bulb. The power generated by microbes isn't enough to turn on a television, but it can turn on an LED light.”